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Jon Oulman presents:
The Listening Room

Vinyl and High-Fidelity enthusiasts converge for an evening’s-worth of full album playlists. At the beginning of each week a guest curator and playlist will be announced with detailed “liner notes” explaining that week’s theme. Each week will be paired with a custom drink special.

Bring your ears. Bring a friend.

If you are interested in curating your own custom LP set or know someone who should, contact Jon Oulman Presents.

Twenty-Seventh Session: Female Singer Songwriters from the 70’s

Curated by Nancy Owens Fraser

Twenty-Sixth Session:
The Music of Keith Jarrett’s American Quartet

Curated by Michael McGarthwaite

Twenty-Fifth Session: It Might Get Loud
25 years of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless

Twenty-Fourth Session:
Things Behind the Sun
an evening with Nick Drake

Curated by Tim Ritter

Twenty-Third Session:
Top Pop | 4 Records I ♥

Curated By Ryan Hayes

Twenty-Second Session:
Popp Music

Curated By Noah OB

Twenty-first Session:
Chemical Chords: A Night Of Stereolab

Curated by Bradley Hanson

Twentieth Session:
Formalism and Formalisibility

Curated by Adam Zahller

Nineteenth Session: 
Saxophonists of the Avant-Garde

Curated by Will Fraser

Eighteenth Session: 
Early 4AD (from the oulman Collection)

Seventeenth Session: 
Healing Music with the Healer

Curated by Cory Healey

Sixteenth Session: 
Everybody Loves the Sliding (and Piston-valved) Trombone

Curated by Gus Murphy

Fifteenth Session: B.Y.O.Vinyl

Fifteenth Session:
Ambient Weirdo

Curated By Holly Hansen

Fourteenth Session:
Wonder Where We Land

Curated By Nathaniel Johnson

Thirteenth Session:
Subject to Change of the Century
The Music of Henry Threadgill
and Ornette Coleman

Curated By Joe Strachan

Twelfth Session:
A mind is like a parachute…

Curated By Wes Amann

Eleventh Session: Stuff I Like

Curated by Patrick Marschke

Tenth Session: Headhunting

Curated by Jason Olson

Ninth Session: Sparks!

Curated by Jason S. Shapiro

  1. Sparks
  2. Kimono My House
  3. Propaganda
  4. Introducing Sparks
  5. No. 1 In Heaven

Eighth Session: OHM SWEET OHM
LP-Playlist of KRAFTWERK

Seventh Session: Liquid Music || Past/Present/Future

Curated by Liquid Music’s Kate Nordstrum

Sixth Session: 
A Gift From a Flower To a Garden
a curated night of Donovan

Fifth Session:
Canterburied Sounds
A curated night of Soft Machine

Fourth Session: 
The Return of the Durutti

Third Session: The Endless Retreat
The Music of David Sylvian

Second Session: Pavilion of Dreams
An evening of the music of Harold Budd

  1. Harold Budd / Brian Eno: The Pearl
  2. Harold Budd: The Pavilion of Dreams
  3. Harold Budd / Brian Eno: Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
  4. Harold Budd: The Serpent (In Quicksilver) 
  5. Harold Budd: Lovely Thunder

First session:

The Listening Room @ The Sheridan Room
Curated by Jon Oulman
Sun, April 17 6pm – 9+pm

Playlist: Fripp and Friends

“Quiet is the absence of sound.           
  Silence is the presence of silence”

– Robert Fripp

Theme: an exploration of the sonic worlds of Robert Fripp

Drink Special: The Frippertronic


1. Robert Fripp: The League of Gentlemen
2. Robert Fripp – Let The Power Fall
3. Fripp and Eno – (No Pussyfooting)
4. King Crimson: Discipline
5. Robert Fripp: God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners